Q: What are the first steps in my remodeling project?

A: Develop a list of priorities - what you need vs. what you want. If you need to cut costs this list will help you decide what you can do without.

Establish a budget - How much are you able to spend? Where is your funding coming from?

Get ideas! Look in magazines. Tear out pictures and circle what you like, Visit home shows and parades of homes, or take pictures.

Q: How long do the projects take?

A: Excel Group works to complete projects as quickly as possible.

Even with projects that take only a week or two, homeowners will find themselves wishing the project was over sooner so they can have “their house back”. We will work diligently to explain how long the project is going to take, and the elements that can delay this work from time to time, such as inspections. We will also try to minimize the disruption to you and your family while things are in progress.